Last Post as a Single Girl

“At this point in my life I’m looking for a partner and husband not a boyfriend. I’m at that stage where I feel a certain way about love and partnerships; I’m not in any way afraid of it. I’m looking forward to it and get it done with.” 18/11/2013 I wrote this down in my diary at the said date after an encounter with God after work.

I was seeing this man that I thought I had everything going on with, you know the usual back and forth we go through during dating. Being an indoor person, he spent most of his weekends at mine, we would go out for breakfast, brunch and just chill. He was the perfect companion at the said time, smart, witty and full of life.

He once questioned what I thought about people checking the compatibility of their partners in some prayerful way. I told…

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Why YOUR Way Isn’t Working

One of the devotions I read last week from Pastor Rick Warren’s hit home! I couldn’t read it alone and not share with you, my blog readers. You can also subscribe to his blog.

Think about how hard it must have been for Simon Peter to admit failure to Jesus. He was a professional fisherman, and he was good at it. It was how he made his living. But sometimes even the pros fish all night and catch nothing.

These were good guys, and they were doing their best. But sometimes our best is not good enough, and sometimes there are situations that are out of our control. You can’t control the economy. You can’t control the weather. You can’t control a lot of things in life that will affect your life. You may have tried so hard, but it just doesn’t seem to make any difference and you don’t…

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afrobloggers- church -photo

Ever heard Lauryn Hill read her write-up: Motives and thoughts? You should.

Motives and thoughts.

You never see either, just the action it translates into.

You see, I was in church just last Sunday and it was harvest time. Time to give back to the Lord; you know all those religious mantras that are chanted time and again in some attempt to get money from the congregation.

Simply put, it was time to plunge in to your financial booty and give abundantly to the work of the Lord.

So strategically, following the usual course of events, the resident Pastor and the church executives invited a Pastor. Not just any pastor, you see: a particular kind. An Excellent sermonizer. Cogent. Luring. They invited the one who could trap you with words, can propel your mind in one direction; who can push you into that one corner, so that eventually you break…

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20 Lessons I’ve Learned Since Leaving the Church


IMG_0196 My unapologetic, Black self. 2016.

I haven’t been to church in over a year now, and I’ve been pondering how I should address what I’ve discovered along the way. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably could’ve never guessed that I would end up here. I never imagined that I could exist outside the Church I once held so dear. But due to the routine state-sanctioned violence that is being inflicted on my people, and the inadequate response from the church (among other things), I have decided to remove myself entirely from a system that claims to value my soul, but fails to show up for my Black body. I’ll probably end up writing a book about this one day, but in the meantime, here are 20 things I’ve learned since leaving the church:

  1. God is not a man.
  2. There is no pre-determined path called “God’s will”…

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Justice: The need for public defenders in Nigeria.

Sisyphean Minds

To say that our prisons are overcrowded is an understatement. To say that our judicial system is slow in passing judgments is also an understatement. People in our prisons are mostly incarcerated or allegedly staying longer than they should. The problem of delayed (or denied) justice, overcrowded prisons and means for a way out has been constantly discussed with little progress to show. This is because the question of how our citizens got into prisons rather than why they’re in there has not been properly asked. Why they should be in prisons is suppose to be asked and answered before they go in, not while they’re there. When the question of how victims of our justice system got there, incarcerated or otherwise; the dire need for public defenders will become obvious.

Wikipedia defines a public defender as a lawyer appointed to represent people who cannot afford to hire an attorney…

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The unforgiven

Sisyphean Minds

On the edge of their matrimonial bed, the sad man sat confused, out of place, as if waiting for help, except he never brought himself into calling for it. He tried hard to read the note she left behind for him. He was trying to develop the courage to hear her reasons for doing what she did. He stopped looking at the note to wipe the tears in his eyes. It has been close to an hour since he came into the scene of the incident in their bedroom, alone, except for the remains of his wife lying cold on the bed. The neatly dressed bed suggests she went quietly, without much struggle.

“There are different kinds of love they say. Happy love, sad love; family love, friendly love; love love….But what they didn’t say is all love hurts.”

He read the note, drawing deep breaths and had one of…

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#LTF2017 – Open Call

Bagus Mutendi

Apart from books, the next love of my life of all time has got to be theatre and that is why I am taking this time out to announce that the Lagos Theatre Festival (LTF) which is the largest performing arts festival in Nigeria and indeed West Africa and founded by British Council in 2013 as part of its ambitions of fostering exchange and collaboration between Nigerian and British artists through the presentation of high-quality Nigerian and British theatre is…*takes deep breath… is gearing up for its 2017 theme which  is ‘Rhythm of the City’ and the festival will run from Tuesday 28 February – 05 March 2017 in various venues around Lagos with two festival hubs, one each on the island and mainland.

To apply for our playwriting competition, click here.

To present work as part of the fringe festival, please click here.

To register to receive…

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