The Single Chronicles: The Best Friend

The Vu Chronicles

My brain is sending signals but my body won’t listen. Maybe if I use my heart I could still salvage the situation. Don’t they say once the heart makes a decision it’s final? But the stupid organ is in this for the result. Abort mission. Abort mission. But my body is numb. Stuck on the same spot. How did it get to this? What kind of a person am I?

Let’s rewind this. Back to the beginning.

I got a call from my best friend Towela. This lady and I have been inseparable since our UNZA days. Our friendship is one that those magazines say will last a lifetime. So my girl calls me and asks me to do her the biggest favour ever. I’m nice like that.I do things for my friends even the crazy shit. But not psycho shit. But this favour was one I didn’t want to…

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True Love Doesn’t Hurt


True love doesnt hurt! For anyone who has been heart broken before, the title of this piece may sound like a joke but the truth is crazy and as unreal as it may sound- the truth if thought deeply is like a piercing needle that still does its work.

No one in a cool, ongoing beautiful relationship thinks they are not truly in love. The belief is that once they are in it, and no one is lying, cheating, hitting or disrespecting they are in the best relationship or marriage ever. And yes it is true and it is awesome if it is truly so for them but then if anyone has just been heart broken and they reminiscence and begin to ask why things never worked the way they imagined or thought it would, then they would say- that wasn’t true love. The way up is down!

Ever heard them say, we don’t look for God till we have issues? We don’t know how things are until we know how they aren’t. You cannot profess true love until you know what love is and that begins with you loving yourself and attracting or accepting a person who would love you for you.

I always equate or sometimes try to understand things from the creator. For instance, if I say true love doesn’t hurt, I mean God does not hurt me. My life may be messy, I may be crazy and may be sometimes unappreciating of what he has done for me; even what I never saw as a miracle but he will never leave me alone. He will never let me face my baddest moments alone- i may not see him but he has and promises to always be there for me. Fine, there are prayers he will not answer but at the end that turns out for my good- because only he knows what lies ahead. However, should I call; he will answer.

Yes, we aren’t God and we can’t do things the way he does but our common sense knows we should treat others the way we want to be treated. Even a mum who smacks you, draws you home. Someone who genuinely and truly loves you will not hit you. You could piss the person off a million times and the person would rather walk away till you’re calm. That person will not cheat on you; they won’t even be comfortable doing it- its not science. It is what loving you entails.

 Some break ups occur on mutual grounds- that’s understandable but people who love you don’t leave you. No matter what drama you have. They are not perfect and if they pick at the things you do wrong, you could also pick on theirs. Love is unconditional.

Relationships are also friendships and true friends don’t leave. They grow with you. What am trying to say is;  don’t bother about anyone who leaves you- life is happening, get going.