You gotta dream

Cristian Mihai

“​Take the crumbs from starving soldiers, they won’t die.

Take the bread from hungry children, they won’t cry.

But without dreams, we’ll all die.”

A dream is a vision created by our imagination and stored in our minds for when we need motivation. For those mornings when we don’t feel like getting out of bed. Or when the nights feel unusually long.

To dream is to spend midnight hours dreaming about the dawn.

If you do not see what isn’t there, how can you ever create it? Achieve it? Conquer it?

Think about it.

Dream big. Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t be afraid to dare greatly.

The only thing worse than dreaming of things that will never come is to not dream at all.

A hopeless future, going through the motion day in and day out…

Imagine that.

Now imagine having a dream so great that it just wakes…

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History wrote my story

And it said I repeated things in history

That I acted like mother Theresa to kids

That I acted like Hitler but this time to everyone I could help

It said I started out as a naïve fellow when I did them

But that I left that path and acted like a tyrant’s mother

Silent in terms of war

And tearful in terms of burials

May be I should begin again

But history said I would repeat myself.


There on a table sitteth with Godjudgement

Asking him questions to all my desire

Seeking his response as I thought I deserve

A response, which to me included sorry

A response which to me should make him wrong

Admitting he let me down

Down, as humans do

But there he sat,

Waiting to first calm my spirit to listen

To let me know he was there all along

There when I became a monster accepting demons through actions he warned me against

There when I was greedy claiming self righteousness

There on the cold and hot days keeping me far from death,

There when I was rejected sending his love as the bird would sing

There when I was depressed making me see the smile of a child for hope is in it

There when I was brought to life as he knew already  of my arrival

Still there as a force I dare not contend with again

Unless I decide to answer to his own judgement

Heinous Crime


Thoughsex we be separated by war and wealth;

To make one seem more blessed in life than the other,

Though they answer to my beck and call

As slaves to masters much higher than they,

Though it seems as though I am more learned

And more blessed than they could ever be in life,

Though I give them a name lesser to describe them

Or at anytime see myself much superior than they,

We all have come to life in the same way

Mutations; sexual erotic, love making mutations

And so when I think of myself that they are different from me

A new born reminds me that sex brought them to the world

And that I and they would leave the world through death.

Ultimate Sacrificee

The story is that he died! empty

That he wore no fancy clothes

And had no cool abode

Which everyone wanted to visit or could dream of living.

They said he went on foot and said he owned everything

He touched any or everyone- even the diseased.

That he pleaded for water to drink while claiming he was the water of life

And dished out fishes for thousands to share

When in fact he refused to eat for many days

They believed he had lost it all and was going insane

So he told them he was leaving

And no one believed him

He said he would die and not be seen

And they asked if dead bodies were invisible?

On that day, when he died, they finally knew who he was

But the story they tell is that they buried him and someone stole him

When in truth, he gave his life.



Limping home a wounded solider,lion

Bruised on his cloven hooves;

With blood soaked eyes

And spit filled skin,

Smiling with joy at his achievement

His father wept at his approach

Wishing he could turn back the time

When his child asked for a new cup

A cup he pleaded to be overturned

A cup his father said was his will

One Yeshua had happily drunk

For the sake of mankind

Taking on a three decade battle

Only to be crowned with thorns

And crucified like a thief

A lamb of sacrifice

The lion of the tribe of Judah.