5 Reasons Print Books Are Better Than eBooks

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wpid-wp-1408796983921.jpegIf you know me, you’ll know that books are one of the great loves of my life. I’ll read a book in any form I find it and I really don’t care whether it’s print or electronic or audio. As long as I’m reading a book. This post is just a few of the reasons why I think print books are better than ebooks.

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Before I knew you, I wrote our story, Shy love
I wrote it on a tablet in my heart,
I sealed it with faith and prayed for our soul
I saw your face like I saw everyone
I said yes to your proposal
I spoke to you more than I spoke to anyone
I had your palm in my hands
And made myself available for your ups and down
I prayed for you like I did myself
And asked for your wellbeing like your mother would
We had long talks and had long silences while speaking,
We had disagreements like people in love
And made up like we never disagreed
You thought of me like you did yourself
And prayed for me like my mother did
I heard you speak of another but smiled like I cared
We spoke like children in love but grew up like adults would
I told you of my partners and you had a dislike for something about them
The blind and deaf knew that only lovers acted like us
You often sighed like you wanted more
And yes you wanted more
You wanted more wages and wanted more days ahead
Wanted to say more but always left a sigh
Running from the truth, running from fears we never met
But all this happened before we met.
Because we connected beyond the body heat


‎It’s hard to believe I was once young,

Hard to believe I once sucked my mum’s breast, seeing I don’t want to imagine her naked

It’s hard to believe my feet were once smallold person

That I slept more than I played

Or that I made so much noise.

It’s hard to believe I once was curious when my puberty stage will begin

So hard to wonder why I was always in a hurry

It’s hard to imagine how I couldn’t wait to grow old

Wait to move to the next process

So hard to say sorry to myself for not doing things I wanted to do

Hard to understand why I didn’t consider people’s emotions

So hard to fathom why I made so many friends rather than influences

Did I really hurt them or myself- I really can’t remember

I can’t believe I once turned you down

Or even made you wish you never knew me

So shallow of me to think I would remain the same

It’s hard to belief‎ I was once a lad who thought they knew it all

So hard to go back and tell myself

So hard to be young again


An Open Letter to Boko Haram

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Hi Abubakar,

I didn’t intend to write you this letter initially as I feel that all the media campaigns are enough to touch your heart, if you have any, and bring you to your senses.

However, I met with a pastor at a conference who showed her sympathy for the atrocity you and your men are committing. She said that her daughter in Sweden is concerned about the kidnapped girls and prays for their safe release. I wondered that if people from other continents who are unrelated to your victims and their families could show concern for their fellow humans , how much more should you feel if you were born by a woman.

I thanked her for her sympathy and told her that we will continue to pray until good triumphs over evil.

When I returned home, I thought about our encounter and decided to write you this letter…

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I thought that in the prime of lifehezekiah's song
I was going to the world of the dead,
Never to live out my life.
I thought that in this world of the living
I would never again see the Lord
Or any living person.
My life was cut off and ended,
Like a tent that is taken down,
Like cloth that is cut from a loom.
I thought that God was ending my life.
All night I cried out with pain,
As if a lion were breaking my bones.
I thought that God was ending my life.
My voice was thin and weak,
And I moaned like a dove.
My eyes grew tired from looking to heaven.
Lord, rescue me from all this trouble.
What can I say? The Lord has done this.
My heart is bitter, and I cannot sleep.

Lord, I will live for you, for you alone;
Heal me and let me live.
My bitterness will turn into peace.
You save my life from all danger;
You forgive all my sins.
No one in the world of the dead can praise you;
The dead cannot trust in your faithfulness.
It is the living who praise you,
As I praise you now.
Parents tell their children how faithful you are.
Lord, you have healed me.
We will play harps and sing your praise,
Sing praise in your Temple as long as we live.

4 Things My Mother Taught Me

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I haven’t seen my beloved mother in almost four years as we are thousands of mile away from each other.. All I hear is her sonorous tender voice over the telephone inquiring as to our well-being.

Whenever I say that I miss my home country, I actually mean that I miss my dear mother; she is one in a million and the best mother that any daughter or son will be proud of

What value and good manners do I know which I didn’t learn from my mother?

  1. She taught me humility: I am the second to the last of my mother’s children and I can confidently say that my mother is down to earth. I have never heard her brag about her material acquisition to anyone, even among other women.

Her modest appearance and countenance lends credence to this very fact.

  1. Obedience: Coming from a typical African…

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Lola Komolafe’s Yesterday Left Us With Today Story Review

cutest3_edit_editAfter reading Lola Komolafe’s Yesterday Left Us with Today, I got a mixed feeling. I felt sorry for the ladies, who are in disastrous relationships, who feel they have nowhere else to go, I felt disgust for parents who for one circumstance of the other leave their daughters in the hands of men who to them would cater for their daughters and also lighten the burden and of cause, how can I forget, the most irritating character to me in the story called “John” who like many men feel they own most women they are involved with, who render themselves as wives before marriage to men or even husbands who feel they have the right to use women as boxing mates.

Don’t conclude at this point that you know the story based on my feeling because the story is awesome. It is a story of knowledge and suspicion and one I recommend many mothers to purchase for their daughters as unknown to many mothers, daughters keep things bottled up. You do not have to be a scolding mother to have a daughter that do not tell you things, don’t pock nose, just understand them and be smart in your conversations with them.

 Yesterday Let Us with Today is a tale of two friends (Shalewa and Felicia) who met at a boarding school in Nigeria; they studied together, played together and graduated together. Like many friends they kept in touch but got separated by Shalewa’s scholarship to study in London. Letters kept them together as real friends but both friends who resided in two different countries had a change of perception to life and to men.…. Take note at this point, that this story was set in the time when letters and not instant messages were the best means of communication.  

As the story develops, we discover that the writer had these two ladies sharing personal stories ladies would rather share with their mothers. We read about them making each other feel like they were both going through their issues together, leaving their guardians behind without asking for advice from them- just as many teenagers and youths do. Lola Komolafe made them so close that Felicia began to tell Shalewa of the man in her life, who to her was all she would ever need and one she could not live without. Sadly this is where the real tale begins, because this fellow “John” who had come into Felicia’s life as an angel became the Mike Tyson who used her as a punching bag.

The story which includes a lot more than I can tell you, opens up a thought in my mind- as to if many ladies- married and unmarried stay in relationships/marriages which is obvious to everyone (observers and family members), that some things should never be condoned by those they are in a relationship with.

I rattled as to what the society considered as domestic Violence? A larger theme of this story which is used by the author to depict the ideas those in such situations undergo, one which Felicia believes is given to her out of love. A theme which one can observe, affects the victim physically and psychologically.

The bottom line is that mothers are not only involved in parenting anymore, the environment and friends play a big role in today’s child rearing. As a mother, you can do no wrong if you try your best but if all you do is think your daughter is old enough to cater for herself, then you may as well help her get out of the issues she will bring home to you after all wrong has been done.

Thanks to Lola Komolafe for an insightful story that reflects the society, home and abroad, one which I believe will save a lady from her next mistake.

To purchase this story, visit this link (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yesterday-Left-Today-Lola-Komolafe-ebook/dp/B00E5JK0B6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408818956&sr=8-1&keywords=yesterday+left+us+with+today

Lola Komolafe Yesterday Left us with today